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电视剧宝贝剧情介绍|鹤膝康贴Silent street, a young man with five hundred guanzhong elite, will block them in the road, young body neck long, eyebrows with a thin vigor, holding a silver gun, horizontal gun immediately block in front of the people, will hand gun a lead, lang track: "west cool horse autumn here, wait for the usurper, don't catch!""Scholars yuan this is bad!" Zhuge Liang, with a purge of face, shook his head and said, "My lord, Uncle Liu, is a descendant of the Han clan. After the emperor's family, he is an orthodox royal family. If he is allowed to control the court, it will not be a blessing to all the people, but a blessing to all the families. It would be better for him to invest the scholar's yuan in my lord.""Take it off!" Xiongkuo sea cold swept a glance at the pale Li Hun, cold track.

However, the Central Plains are different from other regions, the city, the terrain and the generals' quality and resilience were much better than those of the fragmented Hu tribes outside the region, Five creek pretty that leader although it seems to have no brains, but behind the zhuge liang but even pang tong to be vigilant characters, like today is a strange, if not wei yan with meter shoot sand mo ke, even if finally won, I'm afraid the loss is much greater than now.Formosa ke had heard they were crossbow fierce, before also saw the ZhongJun crossbow, hurriedly waved iron thistle bone will be the other side of the crossbow open."Guanzhong crossbow of the power, bright early smell, if they put an arrow here at this time, bright but no winged virtue." Zhuge liang shook his head and laughed.电视剧宝贝剧情介绍|"Ten years early?" Method is smell speech can not help but sneer at a way: "If had been born ten years earlier, the scholar yuan can't forget the elder lady."

电视剧宝贝剧情介绍|"Wing, you led a military forces, tomorrow first step to deyang drowning battle, if wei rate elite clearance, then don't fight with it, if other troops, can fight!" Zhuge Liangfu looked at Zhang Feidao again.King!Three days later, I que off pound, wu guan blanc and was transferred back to hanzhong wei yan at the same time have received the flying pigeon biography from luoyang, life pound soldiers out of nanyang, blanc from wu guan, with wei yan, the new town, on the county won, if pound has not taken nanyang, then two road military forces and pound jointly captured nanyang.

"The two armies are at war, fighting is the army, you and I are the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, how can we imitate the brave warrior of the ACTS?" Zhang ren can not Wei Yan treasure armor protection, his martial arts is not bad, but worse than Wei Yan a line, against Zhang Fei, ask yourself no chance of success, how will go to ask for no fun."Just looking at the goods so arrogant, people resent!" Wei stared at the gates of scold swan zhang fei, Unpleasant way, The goods are afraid of repeating the same mistakes, across three hundred steps in there called scold, but the voice is very big, so far can clearly hear, let wei heart annoyed, but helpless, three hundred steps, even if the crossbow can shoot past, for such characters as zhang fei also useless, besides the hands of the goods in addition to zhang eight snake spear, also carrying a shield."What the hell is going on?" Zhang Fei found the ruined brute soldiers general, angry roar shock mountain birds have startled: "Where is your prince!"电视剧宝贝剧情介绍|




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