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令政策令完成出逃|探索之旅Chapter 66 the blood of chang 'an (center)Han wenyan did not speak, silently riding behind lu bu, watching the dark sky silently."Master, your weapon is ready." When two people talk, two tiger bear waist blacksmith panting thick air, carrying a big one of the square painting halberd came to lu bu side.

"Go to xuzhou, no matter what, don't let the young lady mess!" < / p > < p > zhou cang complexion liqing way, he was really afraid of lu lingqi went to xuzhou to find Chen family revenge, want to think and find a soldier: "you fast horse back to chang 'an, will report the Lord.Chapter 63 binding peopleSamba hurriedly explained: "the adults did not know was that the jade claw very fierce, unruly, generally if caught, most is to surrender, makes it difficult to tame, must endure it for a few days, don't let it sleep, only to drink water, it's ferociousness down and ability training, jade the claw SIMS has worn it 10 days, so it seems that some weak spirit."令政策令完成出逃|"Department of justice? Zhang, puzzled, looked at lu bu.

令政策令完成出逃|"Take your men and kill me!" Ma chao heaved a sigh of relief, this kind of time, choose to take the lead, more than half of the reason, or in the heart some guilty, Wolf qiang general answer let ma chao slightly relieved, at least these Wolf qiang do not know what happened."Kun mu, why are you here? After scolding for a whole day, aguri, who was hungry, saw one of his soldiers running and carrying leg of lamb and drinks. He was not happy, but looked ugly: "it was you who prayed to the han army! ?""The consigliere has suddenly arrived. What's the matter?" Han DE puzzled to see a face of serious jia xu.

"Don't blame general, say, still blame those hun dog too crafty and venomous." 'said the leading wolverine qiang, with a black face.Although jia xu is quite introverted in daily life, but the literati's inner arrogance, but rarely to praise others, there is a lot of strategic evaluation from jia xu's mouth out probably with guan yu eyes martial arts can be so evaluation."Well!" Each promised to leave.令政策令完成出逃|




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