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鹰击莫斯科|4d电影设备"Yes, I do!" Xu chu touched the forehead, looked at the shoes on the ground, picked up a pair of shoes to follow cao cao chased out.Unfortunately, When Korea then arrived in the Western Regions, I realized that things weren't going as well as I thought they were, Xianbei people's tentacles have been in the han people did not notice, quietly controlled the western regions for the most part, The whole western regions can be said to have become the world of xianbei people, Korea hence although there are three thousand elite, but also dare not go to the then very strong xianbei people bright claws, finally, after daxi xinjue reveal the intention of surrender, Korea hence very simply chose to surrender daxi xinjue, central plains has no place for him, now surrendered to xianbei, in the future, perhaps have their own back to their homeland one day."Get closer. Remember, don't make too much noise." Lyu3 bu4 sink a track.

They may not be pure, but for men who have had physical contact with themselves died in front of him, these women do not mind their bodies have dirty blood, struggling to dig a hole, will be a corpse or buried, or burned, see lyu3 bu4 with people back, these women did not have too much emotional expression in their eyes.Hehe ~"Poof-poof-poof ~"鹰击莫斯科|These days, xu togeher from jun trend, found a trace of wrong, cao cao seems a little worried, early in the morning with a team of pro-health around cao camp, hope to be able to find out the truth of cao camp.

鹰击莫斯科|Compared with khan, the western regions for Daxi Xinjue, is not so urgent, so, Daxi Xinjue Ann resist the thought of attacking the western regions, ready to take advantage of the decline of the king's court, break xianbei king's court at one fell swoop."Temuzhen? Remains of the Huns?" Qifu tribal leaders looked at the ashes and charred corpses, eyes flashed a touch of cold death: "go, first back to the tribe, report this to the patriarch, the next day, we wash the huns!"Moonlight for the vast prairie across a layer of silver, silent moonlight, the whole prairie into a hazy sense of silence, occasionally came a wolf or two screaming, in this cold moonlight, let a person feel desolate.

Step root defeat, also represents the five tribes officially turned against the king's court, the next morning, Kirby can let a few surrendered soldiers will step root's body back to the king's court, of course, this is not out of good intentions, but to further blow the king's morale.D zheng, then roared with laughter, clear and bright with rough laughter, behind eight thousand cavalry see their master wins a while, is cheering, moving the sky, listen to in the ear of the defenders, is very harsh, morale also fell.鹰击莫斯科|




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