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北京口腔医院电话|江西星火有机硅厂"Close the gate! Retreat!" The little school hummed and ordered the retreat."Roar ~"After all, this was a private matter for lu bu, and they could not evaluate it.

Chapter 37 rolling"If this battle is won, will our army move south and annex the central plains?" Lv bu looks to jia xu, cao liu alliance, basically already was the board on the clinch a deal, no matter cao cao or liu bei, after be informed lv bu occupies hanzhong, be afraid to be unable to continue to calm of play house in the home, this battle lv bu has confidence to fight win, but after fight win how should?"After these two people return to jiangdong, will try to instigate sun quan against the Lord, whether... "Chen gong frowns compared to a throat cutting posture.北京口腔医院电话|"Yes." Civil strife, falling grant nodded: "jingzhou mess, jiangdong sun quan to grapple with, since jingzhou cannot figure, our station troops to central plains can be front of luoyang, can make general zhang liao spent since jizhou south, the bohai navy baiting qingzhou along the river again, if can jiangdong in hefei, can't corresponding necessary fore and aft in cao cao, again from luoyang advance troops, hitting xuchang, Cao Caoke broken, governors has also natural collapse."

北京口腔医院电话|"Choo-choo-choo-choo ~"< / p > < p > jingxiang covered with clouds, chang 'an in the yuan festival over, also began to be busy, after the discussion with the ministers, lu bu has decided to move to luoyang.Chapter thirty-three politeness before action

"Well!" < / p > < p > a number of officers and soldiers have dismounted, standing in the si kongfu outside, make the pedestrian can not help but have raised their eyes."Exactly." Lyu3 bu4 say with smile, if it was five years ago, perhaps just buckle down, but this-time-is-different, lyu3 bu4 now the king was not peanuts, but in fact, all the nations to the, less than the emperor, how much, this shameful things, he also really do not to come out, the real power, the cast by its own charm to attract talent, rather than against, make people laugh at."Well!" Horse tie excitedly embrace fist promise 1, this be his first time alone lead an army.北京口腔医院电话|




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