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北京广安门医院挂号|一席之地女鞋Lyu3 bu4 from the evening did not see XiongKuoHai figure, want to be sent by the giffin, the present nodded: "In that case, then I will not ask about it.""He Man? Why are you here? Zhong Yao?" Wei yan looked at him, frown asked."Lyu3 bu4 again!" Liang Xing hated the way: "First retreat to Lingzhou, immediately sent someone to inform the tetrarch, lyu3 bu4 has joined the battle, please master there as soon as possible to wipe out the rest of the horse's iniquity!"

"How did it turn out?" Lyu3 bu4 curious way."Good martial arts, now surrender, there is still time!" Wei yan and cao peng stalemate more than ten, see the overall situation has been decided, nature don't want to desperately with cao peng, a knife will cao peng's knife split, loudly way.D look gloomy sitting on horseback, let the horses dragging their forward, ma dai eyes some dull, until now, still can't believe it, just for a moment, the situation in the west cool earth-shaking changes, as the head of the strongest military group in the west cool, so strangely killed in jincheng.北京广安门医院挂号|"Let me introduce you to the general." Zhang Xiu smiled and said, "This gentleman's name is inconvenient to reveal, but he is one of the three counsellors under the master's account. He has a strategy in mind and a military strategy in his chest. The general calls him Mr. Li."

北京广安门医院挂号|Chen Xing eyes suddenly a bright, think of a good way, turned to the lieutenant-general said: "How many horses are there in our city?"D looked at ma dai, chest hurried ups and downs a few times, just press down the heart of the kill, eyes sharply looked at the camp of Korea hence, stay Korea hence military forces away, just raise your hand, slowly raise your hand weapons, forward a lead."Lyu3 bu4 how many people?" Roughly listened to each other's explanation, d frown way, first break Mei county, burning granaries, and back to the ambush, array chop hou don't say, the twenty thousand west cool army is not clay pinched.

"Sir, let me kill the dog thief Liang Hing!" Linjing city, d after learning that the generals outside the city is liang xing, the murderous mood in the chest again, aggressive find marotta here, please.Marotta according to the words and retreat, an offensive and defensive war once again opened the curtain.Looking at CAI wenji, lyu3 bu4 heart a move, smiled and said: "is CAI everyone, you and I yesterday so wrong, also calculate some fate, I don't know zhao ji can be willing to do the general's woman?"北京广安门医院挂号|





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