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娃娃亲by珞雨|匹克自行车"I dare not." Chen hastily shook his head and said, "But at the end of the day he thought that the general should avoid suspicion and should not move his troops without authorization."See way invalid, d was about to order a storm, but saw a small school galloping, hissing way: "little general, our rear appeared a large number of troops, general ma dai is harassing, please little general quickly withdraw!""Back to the tetrarch, with our soldiers now there are still more than two thousand people." Han De voice some deep way: "Moon people through this war, lost more than a thousand people, most of them into the pit of horse by mistake, but not many war dead."

"No more?" Seibel dazed, took the sword sent by his men, sink a track: "you go to the city to collect straw, pounce on the wall stamp, collect the arrows from the enemy, and let the men put some grass people, think suspect.""Monseigneur, there is a troop ahead, look at the banner, is seibel troops!" Is drinking by the river, a scout suddenly ran back, bitter to zhong yao way."Because the general is unrivalled, the world is invincible..." A soldier boldly said.娃娃亲by珞雨|"Your excellency, this... is against the rules ~" for the people.

娃娃亲by珞雨|"Your excellency, In recent days, rumors are circulating in Chang 'an, My general has two minds, My general ignored it, Speak clearly since the qing, who knows today changan suddenly to make, life my general surrender all duties, to changan report, and sent to heyi, he man brothers to take over bully ling army, and today also got the report, sophora fall, seibel led the remnants of the army back to changan, my general lyu3 bu4 this battle will be defeated, let will come to offer at the end of the table, adult to receive, please. " Said Li Bao with a wry smile."Mr. Yuan Chang!" The burly general turned and dismounted. He kicked the headless corpse away and frowned at the middle-aged scribe. "Brother," he said, "let me come at your disposal, but you shouldn't have done that.""Eldest brother, what happened?" A stately young man came out of the door, wondering at d.

"Ha ha, kill a person, still dare to rob our wealth!?" Santa incredibly stare big eyes, then angry roared: "convener horse, leave two thousand people guarding the camp, immediately let the other warriors in the village assemble, I want to personally catch these bastards, to see who gives them the courage, actually dare to scatter on our huns territory.""The general to come to the west, in addition to let me qiang people, also hope to borrow troops, hope that all ethnic groups can draw thousands of warriors for general west." Yang Wang looked at them and said, "If there is no objection, please go back and get ready. Send me the Qiang warriors as soon as possible and follow the tetrarch to fight the Korean thieves."Looked at a line of people left the direction, lyu3 bu4 sneer at 1, the battle has lasted for a few days, the west cool army, also should roll back home.娃娃亲by珞雨|




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