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爱上已婚男人|纤丽婷Lyu3 bu4 now want to do is to control the whole situation, but not everything contend for the first, jun not and will contend for the front, no one's time, so also be forced to do, now under the command of talent, also need not everything by lyu3 bu4 personally dozen, such words iron body also can't bear.But not before the battle of hilo-systems must be finished as soon as possible, heard that closed to luoyang, three brothers liu lu bu don't want to travel back and forth, in the hands of the territory is more and more big, he can't be involved in every game, but to be honest, liu bei although is the history of shu han emperor, held before name is the very beginning, but for now, lyu3 bu4 didn't how to value them, each other have in Athens, their side also has, to holds the sea with you.Actually, lyu3 bu4 even if be in last generation, after the first love deep and deep in one's heart, touch this feeling word again rarely, a person is on one hand the energy that invests much, natural meeting reduces the investment in other respect.

Look at the sky snow, many soldiers shivered with cold in the wind and snow, gao gan inwardly sighed and defeat - let whole bing aspect of the battle of guandu army was a big hit on morale, plus lyu3 bu4 aggressive, west zhang liao, seibel, three people, any one is high enough to make large left-side, now, with lyu3 bu4 invasion of taiyuan, zhang liao non-existing, on the other side of the ferry gao gan had to face the two powerful enemies at the same time, that kind of feeling, very tired."Right, public platform." Lu bu turned his head and looked at Chen gong. "I always think there will be a big change in the northern pattern this year. I'm afraid there will be a big war."Oh?" With a look of surprise in lv bu's eyes, li ru smiled and said, "it seems that cao meng DE is worried that our troops will steal camp and take the initiative to send troops to the rear to set up a camp.爱上已婚男人|"All right, cut it out." Swing a hand, wei yanjing xiongkuo hai, gao shunke need not, do not say the identity of surprise, xiongkuo hai with lu bu, gao shun has followed lu bu for many years of war, qualifications is also completely town live him.

爱上已婚男人|Of course, lu bu also has its own advantages, he has the road of finance, the silk road, and the whole north of the horse source, ministry of work constantly out the people's livelihood technology, as long as give lu bu a certain amount of time precipitation, lu bu's financial growth rate is absolutely exhausted the central plains princes financial growth rate total!"Huang zhong is here, Lord, the big childe has come to see him." As if to confirm CAI's words, the door suddenly sounded huang zhong powerful voice."Presumptuous! CAI shi complexion greatly change, just want to scold, but surprised of discovery, just be at one's last gasp, as if at any time can dead liu biao at this moment but suddenly sit up, toward the door clear voice way: "han sheng, take bo feng (liu qi word) come in.""A messenger from lv bu is coming." Liu2 bei4 sighed, former xuzhou, lyu3 bu4 poor pole to cast, when liu bei is a warlord, lyu3 bu4 later captured xuzhou, liu2 bei4 temporarily attached to cao cao to attack, lyu3 bu4 escaped from the xuzhou like office, when lu bu has almost lost the qualifying for the world, liu bei although also has been in exile, but the situation at that time, to be better than lyu3 bu4, governors at least willing to accept him, especially after got the name of imperial, liu bei can clearly feel the governors for their increasingly seriously, wherever she went, can be treated.

Zhao yunzhi, CAI MAO had more than one experience in jingxiang, now see this man appeared in lu bu army, the heart of a sinking for no reason.He is more concerned about the meaning behind the debate.Soon, the five thousand slaves abandoned their horses and marched into battle by hsiung kuo hai himself, and launched a fierce attack against a tutai. Cao cao and yuan shao sent their troops to resist.爱上已婚男人|




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