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食色者|保安门Chapter ix interview"General lu, take some men to control ye cheng. General ma, follow me to ye cheng." The scribes put away the map and drowned."Come on! Or I won't show what I can do!" Lv zheng laughed, while the hero will hit the ball out of the moment, swing the ball fly, the other side of jiang wei has been in place, a pole to hit the ball to fly out, had guan yong waiting there, catch the ball, quickly attack the other side of the goal.

It would be inappropriate to continue the administration in chang 'an.Who also defy who, it happened are both teeth pointed mouth people, zhuge liang is angry tantalizing, pang tong a poison tongue, can let the literati moving blade, both of them can't persuade each other, in the end, is competing situation, now the bore is clear mountain to liu bei, a play can help liu bei had half of jingzhou firefight, look at this, all will take jingzhou, pang tong had how can?'good! < / p > < p > red man saw Yang ren to kill, eyes flash a smile, not flash not avoid, in Yang ren rushed to the moment, a dodge to avoid, at the same time a grabbed Yang ren's long gun, in Yang ren's eyes, arms power, a roar, the students will he off the horse back, fell on the ground.食色者|In addition, xu huang, cao ren, xiahou dun, xiahou yuan, gao LAN have been assassinated, fortunately these people are usually accompanied by soldiers and horses, not by the assassin succeeded, but even so, will cao cao was not light, not only si kongfu guards added twice, around the important advisers also sent a large number of guards day and night protection.

食色者|"Aren't you afraid, father? Lv zheng looked at lu bu curiously.Staring at the chessboard a long time, lv bu shake his head a smile: "ha, text and, you more crafty than before!"

Xun yu said with a bitter smile, "what the Lord said is reasonable, but I'm afraid that all the big families are complaining. This time, lu bu has touched their foundation.""Commander." Lv meng strides into big account, to zhou yu one arch hand way.食色者|




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