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男主边吸奶边做的小说|武汉二中地址"The general spared his life! At the end of the day he was willing to surrender! He begged the general for mercy." A group of generals face big change, didn't expect lyu3 bu4 will be so hot, hurriedly kowtowed for mercy.Go straight to the bed, stretched out his hand to hold the woman's fragrant shoulder, some rough will break the woman's body, let her face lyu3 bu4.

"The casualty is not big, the other side but more than a thousand people, killed children's lang is not many, more is trample on each other and die, but poor five haoshuai to save me and die, this revenge, must be rewarded!" Burn when Lao Wang said to the end, think of the mess before, can not help but gnash his teeth, eyes flashed a ferocious kill."Simple." Wei smiled and said, "I have a plan, but I can send someone to inform Zhong Yao, we are willing to surrender him, let him send someone to receive the city army."Looking at Pound and nodding with a wry smile, Marotta turned to the direction of the camp with Korea, some words he didn't say all, heavy responsibility d, not only because he brought loss to the army, more importantly, d in the west cool army prestige is too big, lyu3 bu4 reuse pound, is because of character, but also just to eliminate pound in the army prestige, thus suppressing d.男主边吸奶边做的小说|D smell speech nodded, but with some disapproving look on his face, marten said, also know that said more useless, looked at d behind pound way: "make clear act calm and moderate, this trip, my son should listen to make clear suggestion."

男主边吸奶边做的小说|"What's the condition of Tiedi's injury?" D twist a head, originally bright eyes, covered with blood, looking at the immediate healer."Shrewd?" Lyu3 bu4 surprised looked at Yang Qiu, nodded: "Is a tough general, but not what general, so easily deceived by us to the city."For lyu3 bu4 said these things, although not all agree, but marotta can not deny, although these things are just a blueprint, but the promotion of education alone, there is a great attraction, and the feasibility is very strong.

"Wen... Wen Hou, will be willing to fall at the end of the!" Looked at lyu3 bu4, Yang Qiuqi ai ai said."Master rest assured, at the end of the will certainly have a litter of cubs, master in the future to fight against the enemy!" Han De face red, hey hey naive smile way.In order to occupy Fuping, Niyang and other important places first, Liang Xing sent two teams of thousands of people to, respectively, the first step to occupy the two counties, to prepare for the army stationed in the city, didn't expect the army has just entered the city, haven't had time to consolidate the city, was then rushed to seibel directly into the city, caught off guard by seibel kill defeat, many people directly to defect, only a few people escaped from the city.男主边吸奶边做的小说|




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