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火影燧云火星时代和达内哪家好Unfortunately, at least until now, did not find, can not have both, do not want to break the status of their own now, but also to enjoy the benefits of the people, this is a kind of self-deception idea."Oh?" Liu yewen couldn't help wondering: "thunderbolt can shoot more than 300 steps, but I don't know the other side's arrow range is even longer than thunderbolt?""More than five thousand brothers killed." < / p > < p > ma tiecomplexion is not good, these soldiers are basically killed in battle before the encounter, especially after xia houyuan took a lot of crossbow, if not ma qiu and lu xiong broke his way back, make xia houyuan lead the army to break through, the final loss is afraid of greater.

"Men, kill me! Zang bitten to grind and dragged the pike to those based on the instability of lyu3 bu4 army rushed over, close combat, this relatively narrow place on the wall, was the power of the weakened, on the city daily regiment soldiers quickly up the crossbow, pull out combat knives, three to five people, two personality and attack others, cooperate with the tacit understanding, just a moment, then opened a vacuum belt in ChengTou kill, firmly established quickly."Yes, father."火影燧云At the same time, the clapboard above the ring was pulled down to reveal that the warlords were pointing down, and with a command, a row of warlords were in full swing.

火影燧云"The nightingale in charge of jingzhou should have reported to the master about the matter of jingzhou. This time, the court proposed to be crowned king, but cao's thief put down the proposal with blood and blood. Even the queen was stiffed. "Seeing that the nightingale did not speak, xu niang could not help saying, but the words did not finish, but was interrupted by the nightingale with a cold look.More importantly, the rise of liu bei has brought too many uncertainties. If this guy wins and takes all jingzhou, it will be much more than liu bei qiang did at the same time in history."The general knows me?" Liu ye was somewhat surprised. He was in an awkward position under cao cao and his fame was not great.

But planning the grasslands is a challenge for Mr. Lu and his officials."Boom ~" behind the gate of cao jun finally unable to withstand the continuous impact, began to retreat, the gate was instantly hit by the car, the small school took the lead, rushed in the process, loud trumpet sound, gathered around the gate near the hundreds of soldiers brandishing weapons followed the car rushed into the gate.Xunyou suddenly came up with an idea in his mind, looking at xun yu: "mingxiu plank road secretly Chen cang?"火影燧云




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