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水草坊|找水仪"Come in." < / p > < p > looking at the face has begun to white guo jia, cao cao ha ha a smile, guo jiaru meng amnesty expression, smiled and shook his head, was about to enter the house, but see cheng yu hurried to come."How many years? Fa yan frowned and said, "brother wen, I have a man who can take up this position."It didn't matter that the other head was asleep, because han's surprise attack had obviously failed.

"Yin wei, you take our people, cooperate with all protect adults, destroy the city xianbei people. Juyan king to see their own escort command way.The hotel fire also caused the city xianbei people's attention, began to gather here, lv lingqi will be arranged in the surrounding, will be unknown so rushed to the xianbei people one by one kill, Yin wei let people to inform the closure of the gate, at the same time to the xianbei people issued a case to kill."What are you doing here? Aguri complexion not good looking at li ru, if not afraid of the magnificent sea behind li ru, I am afraid now aguri is not so polite, disdainful smile: "can't be in order to recruit us?"水草坊|Thirty thousand troops to Korea hence the hay now, simply couldn't afford to, and so, rather than with the three thousand elite, take all the hay, while zhang liao relax vigilance, in force for bait, himself with three thousand elite fled, stay zhang liao to react, army from already, familiar with the theory in the west is cool, who can compare with him, even if lyu3 bu4 back, also after it.

水草坊|'stop it! < / p > < p > Yang ding see also can not go to kill the ordinary city guards, a long gun shake, toward an hussar riding guard to stab.Looking at lv bu as the tiger into the sheep general, two hundred of their own personal guards, in front of each other, as if the general paper paste, the king of the slaughter were scared all the liver and gallant split, stir the horse to go."Nonsense! Cang some painful rubbed his forehead, tardif now jiangdong first blow, he today, but a knife, a shot out, how can easily to bother, but also for no reason, see to Addis, zhou cang is not going to persuade, to step to sink a track: "miss these things master has its own considerations, now have to go back with me, if not from, miss Hugh Johnson cang sinned against, bearer, take miss back!"

"It's too late to go now! ?" I have long since seen all the Kings of tu Shouting in the battle. Although they did not recognize him, I think he is the main commander of this army. How could lu bu let him go?Ma Zhan step, wars or even may be in the future to study the south war, the troops, lyu3 bu4 is to be used as the special training, is working with from the camp to provide the most advanced weapons, armor, is also one of the most abundant food to eat, took as its generals in the field, at the beginning of the established in the force, marotta to persuade the lyu3 bu4 to abandon this idea, ever give lyu3 bu4 calculate a bill, spend the money of five hundred people, if used to armed troops, can organize a five thousand elite.Cool year will come, while harmony is not rich, but lu bu gave people a hope, lyu3 bu4 next year in harmony appeal and cold area of people will be even more powerful, lyu3 bu4 not only to plan out the next year's development direction, what is more important to the power use, continuously strengthen its place in harmony in cold area at the same time, will be lyu3 bu4 some new policies and rules a little bit of promotion in the form of a kind of people can accept.水草坊|




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