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马云25岁儿子近照曝光高颗丽挺丰胸"Yo ~ forgot to tell you one thing, there is a time limit for eating, half of joss stick is limited, once the time has passed, there will be no food, jiang orz, some incense. Lv bu looks at a group of female soldiers to have the appearance of gas feebly, hey smile a way.Pang tong complex look at the people who cheered, the first real feeling of fear of the people."Huh?" CAI MAO is practicing, wen yan frowned, put down the pen and ink, turned to see the confidant will: "what happened?"

Two people smell speech, nod a promise, that day noon, lv bu with li ru, jia xu and the hussars ride camp light from Jane, rushed to the state, and chang 'an interior, lu bu left the news did not reveal to the outside, lu bu still sit in chang 'an, to frighten qiang rong.Chapter 77 withdrawal马云25岁儿子近照曝光"Wang wei, lead the army to pursue and be sure to kill these people!" CAI MAO was a little angry against a famous leader.

马云25岁儿子近照曝光"Three thousand? Madai nodded, frowning. "did you find out where the nearest army of thieves was?""Son of a bitch! < / p > < p > lv bu joined the broad sea of soldiers and horses, with troops against the allied forces several times rushed to kill, kill the allied forces cry father shouted niang, ran, just to kill the scattered allied forces, which also xu chu four people shadow.Western region is too messy, a city country, although is very weak, but each one small, all have their own unique cultural customs, when pang tong, can also handle in good order, but then leave Addis, pang tong to the lu side, the west side, can only rely on some methods of pang tong to stay on track, but times are changing, using the same method and means to deal with the problem of changing, time grew, certainly not.

"Lord, shall we withdraw?" Lost jiang worries."Hugh said stupid things, luoyang, to listen to the son Ming military command! Lyu3 bu4 funny hammer a fist in his chest, wave a way: "go.""Lu bu obviously knew his own weakness, and knew that he would be at a disadvantage if he wanted to compete with his Lord for the support of his family. Therefore, from the very beginning, he did not want to rely on his family." Guo jia finger hit the table: "stir up the contradiction between the family and the people, and then to establish credibility with the law, with lu bu said, is the credibility of the government."马云25岁儿子近照曝光





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