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一路向西国语快播|绿康路"Sir..." Opened his mouth, but see Li You has left, can not help but look at the outside, for a long time, eyes flashed a ruthless color, toward the door loudly way: "Somebody, go to the county to ask the big families to come to the meeting."Martial arts will know, pick bow and arrow, arrow cluster broken, an arrow into the "soldier" body, the "soldier" unexpectedly did not even have any reaction.Just in the blink of an eye, four commanders were cut down, lyu3 bu4 ferocious means to let follow the four huns military commanders some hair, lyu3 bu4 solved a, the other three people have seen already cold, see lyu3 bu4 eyes sweep, frightened, which also dare to fight again, dial the horse and go.

"Beigong, what else do you have to say?" Yang looked at the north palace, sneer at 1."The royal family?" Lyu3 bu4 eyebrows slightly a pick, and soon understood what it meant, Don't look at the han yu wei is not in, but the thin camel is bigger than the horse, in most people's minds, the han is still orthodox, liu bei played a brand of han clan, deceived for how long, but also only he really get the royal recognition, get the name of the emperor uncle, just began to have a family favor one after another, finally established himself in jingzhou.一路向西国语快播|"Master, recently this period of time when Lao wang constantly gathered all the qiang people, is not to contain it." Yang Qiu hesitated, sink a track.

一路向西国语快播|Bloody head hanging in the gates above the most prominent position, swaying in the north wind, as if satirizing the wall outside, those who had been friends."Pata-da ~" Cao Caoshou bamboo paper fell on the table, distracted looking at xun yu: "so fast."Wei Yan is ambitious, but they also have the brains and abilities to sustain their ambitions, Although compared with Cao Cao, Lyu3 bu4 now can only calculate a small shrimp, "that numb of small generals is small, But it is for this reason that, I just have the opportunity to lead an army, and the lyu3 bu4 put his hands to early follow the tube hai or has been a famous embroidery, and promote himself as an army chief, enough to see lyu3 bu4 know how to use, now a decentralization book, although there is no consolation, is to tell wei yan directly with practical action, I believe you.

"Father!" A flicker of anger flashed across the girl's face and she snapped, "Beigong is ungrateful. My daughter is going to marry, and she is going to marry a great hero. She will never marry such an ungrateful person."Chapter VIII Qiang people, the rule of the Qiang peopleBorn poor, doesn't necessarily mean you're willing to stand on the other side of the family, Typical examples, Look at giffin will know, after all, A poor student wants to learn, I can only make friends with my family, Even if the future holds sway, Will also want to merge into the circle of the family rather than stand on the opposite side of others, for this idea, lyu3 bu4 can understand, but the talent, if you want to put back, that don't think, I understand you, also please understand me, even if you eat and drink for free, also won't let you have the opportunity to help my enemy, see who can kill who.一路向西国语快播|





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