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啊轻点好涨要尿出来了|金匮糖方"Ah?""In less than three days, the battle of Mu Ma Po will be known. This is what I have in mind. If I don't believe it, Gongda will allow me to stay at your house these days. Add in the time for news to and from your house, and results will be sent in ten days." Country hey laughs: "Gongda murphy is afraid?""I dare not." Chen hastily shook his head and said, "But at the end of the day he thought that the general should avoid suspicion and should not move his troops without authorization."

"It 's a wearisome trick!" Candidate at this time also react to come over, face black, heart is depressed, he was not ready to siege, you stay in your city and wait for the results not line, somehow ran out of sleep is what do you mean?"Lyu3 bu4?" Lombardi sneer at a voice: "no man, why fear it? Yuan Hao is too flattering to him!"Three people led the life at the same time, marotta frown thought, turned to one side of the zhang embroidery way: "general zhang, meng qi general character strong, afraid of being provoked by the enemy, you take five thousand troops out of the city from the east gate, if meng qi general provoked by the enemy, when he was defeated, liang xing may pursue, you take the opportunity to fight from the side, break his way back."啊轻点好涨要尿出来了|"Yes!" Lyu3 bu4 nodded: "Moon people in this hetao has been suppressed by the huns, this is an opportunity, even if they don't want to replace what, but who also want to be better? Have the huns in one day, the moon people will always be suppressed, even worry about the huns attack, whether for us or for the moon people, this is a chance? "

啊轻点好涨要尿出来了|"Zhe Ke." Withdrew the line of sight, look at his cronies, call kitchen spring way: "Can ever find out who these han people are?"D more than ten thousand elite soldiers, this period of time by thieves from jincheng to west gansu, and from west gansu to hanyang, now from hanyang to stability, already suppressed a depression in the chest, at the moment, with embroidery this command, is completely detonated."Son of a bitch!" Liang Xing a will have no life scouts to throw aside, face a ferocious color.

"Master, recently this period of time when Lao wang constantly gathered all the qiang people, is not to contain it." Yang Qiu hesitated, sink a track.啊轻点好涨要尿出来了|




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