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宝贝我都硬了你还没湿|世杰三轮车< / p > < p > Montenegro thief to solve, although in the taihang mountains, there are some distant copycat did not surrender, but these on lu bu, no longer have the harm, continue to stay in the state and no sense, and left chang 'an nearly a year time, chang 'an interior many things also need lu bu to sit down to deal with."Don't blame general DE GUI. Maybe there is some misunderstanding." Liu bei smiled.Youth helpless by pang tong pull, in a group of pro - guard strange vision to the house.

"The Lord is... Just as lu turned around, he saw the last female soldier climbing out of the mud pit."I see." Xiahou dun nodded, embraced xunyou and turned away.宝贝我都硬了你还没湿|"Wen he, now I am more certain of my judgment." Standing in taihang mountain, lv bu can feel the change of yuan shaoyun more real, these a few days, yuan shaoyun is in violent run off all the time, other two gas yun are in however ceaseless expand, expand again: "yuan Ben chu, be afraid to hold out however this month."

宝贝我都硬了你还没湿|< / p > < p > lv bu with more than two hundred hussars riding guard through the front, in a blink of an eye, has killed the copycats before, but also not to re-pack the Montenegro army, gave the Montenegro army a chance to breathe a sigh of relief, zhang yan hurriedly appease the soldiers, the waste of a lot of strength, to appease the Montenegro elite down."Third uncle, the army has entered the city, the Lord command, quickly retreat!" Guan ping came forward and shouted.Lyu3 bu4 ignored long standing around, sitting on a horse, and zhang yan's head held high, indifferent eyes like a knife in a light swept all the army in Montenegro, as if that moment, he is not against them, but to bow down in the armed forces commander, mouth open you track: "zhang yan is dead, how to control!"

While they were discussing the siege of the city, one of the lieutenants rushed into his account and handed his hand to cao cao, saying, "Lord, lv bu led a large number of troops out of the city and camped ten li east of ye cheng."Not really stop, but zhou cang does take pang tong can't, although no allegiance to lu bu, but as lyu3 bu4 ducale, zhou cang but know lyu3 bu4 pang tong is very important, pang tong carrying swords darting into all cang cannot hurt pang tong, and to prevent the pang tong to give oneself to go to a sword, don't say he, even holds sea department here, accidentally killed or suffer yourself.Sound in mind and not let lyu3 bu4 awake in that peculiar state, at this moment, lyu3 bu4 feel my brain as if is a high-speed operation of computer, it is under the enemy surrounded, but they are clearly aware of this army is decorated, the enemy soldiers as thick around an undercurrent, but lu bu in the aperture of the undercurrent through unceasingly, the party day painting ji continuously cut out in the most accurate energy way, from the side, like a black dragon in jun is wanton, lead, die next to each other, touching is dead.宝贝我都硬了你还没湿|




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