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恐怖黑室|导热油电加热器"Yes, the Yinfeng Gorge!" Lyu3 bu4 nodded. "Although it is called the Canyon, In fact, the terrain is open, is the intersection of Daqingshan branch and Yinshan main vein, At the beginning, I led the ministry to study the fall of cadres of the Ho, ambushing the Qifu tribe, I've been here more than once, The interior is wide, Even if ten horses were not crowded at the same time, "and there is a way back, Twenty miles, If we can ambush Kim Lien Chuan's military forces here, The chances of success are high, Just keep them at bay in the Yin Feng Gorge, If Daesh chooses a detour, You're gonna lose us three points in momentum, In addition, we can set up half-way ambush, place horse pits in an area, and cut them off with the help of the Yinfeng Gorge. This is the best result. Not only will we be able to delay the enemy, we will be able to meet them for a while, but also we will have more time to swing around. We will be able to draw troops from the other five main tribes, and then we will be able to fight Dahi Shin a decisive battle. ""But make the Dragon City fly in, don't teach Hu Ma to go to Yin Shan!" Cao Cao didn't know how he felt, As anyone familiar with Cao Cao knows, Cao cao's early ambition is not lean in troubled times, but to imitate champion hou, lu hu, yangwei exotic, just born in troubled times, a lot of things were born not by themselves, on the road to hegemony gradually far away, cao cao's attitude to life is also a little bit changed, I don't know how long, have not felt this blood boiling.

On the other hand, don't know what happened to the kui head doubtful looked at don't kill general rushed toward this side of the western xianbei soldiers, rushed into the horse array, horses broke their legs, knight on the ground a roll, and then continue to roll and climb toward this side.恐怖黑室|"Poof-poof-poof ~"

恐怖黑室|Zhang Gu Wenyan, brain exploded, until now, where he still don't understand his plan has been the shameless little man leaked to lyu3 bu4."Ha ha, where will the thief run?" A thunderous roar, coss with a team from outside the city, such as a sharp arrow will cut Chen Xing's forces in two, in the hands of a broadsword, the place, upside down.Yang Wu, with a huge defeat in the battle of Guandu, Lombardi collapsed, Jizhou, Youzhou, Many cities choose to wait and see, No longer obey lombardi, Lombardi is overwhelmed, Cao Cao took the opportunity to cross the Yellow River, occupied the former Yuan Shaotun army Yangwu, Cao cao at the moment some complacent, guandu battle, not only won victory on the battlefield, but also earned enough political capital for himself, bing at the moment in a mess, YangWu barracks, but is filled with joy, cao cao after occupying YangWu, obtained a lot of trench, surrounding counties also sent a lot of hay.

D and ma dai also found mayi fire in the fierce battle, can not help but great anger, pointing to zhang he harsh voice: "no righteous man, unexpectedly set fire to the city, today, leave you can't!"Said, fierce eyes staring at patronage, will be in the heart of ghosts patronage to see the gallbladder hair."Taihang mountain area, there is a yellow turban remnant party, called Montenegro, across and, you, Hebei three states, with hundreds of thousands of people, lombardi had several times want to destroy and can't, if can persuade the military forces secretly to take refuge in us, master sent troops south in the future, bing land such as to explore." Giffin touched his beard and mused, "Please let General Hai come and let him go to Taihang Mountains. Let's get in touch first and see what Zhang Yan meant."恐怖黑室|




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