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啊轻点啊再深点|壮骨拔毒贴Lu bu as cao cao's side, with limited forces to deploy defense, the choice of the way and cao cao is similar, after all, cao cao's forces are limited, and jia xu as yuan shao side, the arrangement of troops, the choice is the way of the whole line pressure, from hedong, luoyang, white horse, mengjin each dadu, the strength of the strength of the offensive.Zhang liao shook his head with a smile and did not answer."Yes." In former days the white horse righteousness outside weiyansai from, now perhaps only oneself one person, zhaoyun heart can not help some bitterness.

Sudden turns, from Addis suddenly begin to women with bolt shot Hugo ducale, but meantime lamp that kung fu tea, court, xianbei people may not know what happened in court, Addis must, before xianbei people react will then built xianbei people, on the way to have seen before in the city there are many xianbei people in wander, not centralized."How can you really understand the people when you only know what you are doing?" Tian feng cold hum a, disdain way."Lord, this is... "Seeing lv bu brandishing a bright sword with bare arms, Chen gong was stunned.啊轻点啊再深点|"Hey ~" five big three rough man smell speech of a simple and honest nao nao head, rare some shy.

啊轻点啊再深点|Unfortunately, han sui a defeat again, a little bit will be the heart of these noble mind that a little thought polished a little not left, I do not know that han sui useless, or lu bu too severe, in a word, after lu bu came back, one after another began to accept to chang 'an academy teaching work, especially this time lu bu also brought back a woman.Also is such a moment of kung fu, Liu Meng his has been defeated, survivors at that moment the lax captured by the success of lyu3 bu4, without hesitation to the chaos of the xiongnu soldiers launched the most brutal shocks, plus Liu Meng lyu3 bu4 shot him in the first time, the chaos of the huns under the impact of the lyu3 bu4, collapse down quickly, and under the drive of lyu3 bu4, started to hit another team."Miss, the snow has stopped." Keats came in, met lu lingqi, hurriedly said.

Chang 'an, market, restaurant."Miss, please come back with us." Cang grim-faced looking at Addis, chasing out two days later, zhou cang found wrong, actually no news all the way, the way back, JingXiang make so much noise, how can you keep up there, when learned that when you return to JingXiang Addis and fold, zhou cang frightened to disgrace, hurriedly with hardships coming day and night.啊轻点啊再深点|




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