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贫穷贵公子 电视剧|选代夫"Well." Zhang fei nodded, beginning life people buried the bodies, jingzhou army began to tidy up the tragedy, zhou yu's surprise, this time really will zhuge liang surprised out in a cold sweat, if he again slow to react, or zhou yu's take some more troops, that even if zhou yu finally doomed, but jingzhou, also finished, liu bei's army will be dispersed, jingzhou hundreds of army will thus scattered, jiangdong opportunity to attack, even zhuge liang, also save."I have seen sakong before. Due to his busy military affairs, sakong has been delayed many days, and I hope you will excuse me." Liu bei gave a fist salute and smiled."In the words of gongda!" Cao cao sighed.

"The crossbowmen back, the sword and shield in front, the archers shoot with their bows!" In the face of cao's crazy attack, gao shun methodically commanded the soldiers on the city wall to fight, and let the broken crossbow into the guanzhong, put out a formation in guanzhong, across the city wall, the sword crossbow shot out of the city, leaving 12,000 people in turn to pull the crossbow, keep the broken crossbow to form a continuous attack on the cao army."Lord, what brings you here?" Yi que pass, in charge of yi que pass war pang DE and wei yue stepped forward, after paying homage to lu bu, some puzzled to see lu bu."Great justice, uncle! Liu xun when the first stand up, liu bei deep a salute way: "I support uncle."贫穷贵公子 电视剧|Hand carefully looked around, gather together to seibel said: "this time, the tiger fastened shut, que soldiers lost many, although our HanYong, but just these soldiers casualties of supplies, heard that treasures money consumption by half, and then play treasures on the empty, the western conference semifinals is voluntary, only made a meritorious service, to get Chinese soldiers equal treatment, so... Hey hey...... "

贫穷贵公子 电视剧|"What! ?" < / p > < p > sun jing and liu xun, including the representative sent by the jiaozhou scholars, immediately did not calm up, looking at the ribbon in liu bei's hand, the complexion became wonderful."Commander! Participate in a few jiangdong soldiers cry, kneel down in zhou yu has begun to stiff body around.

"That is because zhou yu did not want to lose too many soldiers and horses in jiangxia." Zhuge liang shook his head and said, "if he had explored the place where our grain and grass were kept and put to good use, would yide still be alarmist?""I don't know what the reason is. But in fact, the principle of the Lord is self-destruction of the promise, the loss of justice, how convincing?" "The king was tired."Filial straight, I don't understand." Zhangsong palace, since it was just after office, zhangsong just idle down, looked at the change of the chengdu daily, just looking at this is not a taste in the heart, because now the chengdu although depression than in the past a lot of, but the hearts and minds is more attachment, if still haven't decided before dark cast lyu3 bu4, such a change in nature is good, but now, the in the mind is very strange.贫穷贵公子 电视剧|




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