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星际争霸2人族大讲堂云云手机报价"Pa ~"On the other hand, after bidding farewell to liu, meng da went straight to the chamber where he had been before, and which had been the chamber of liu zhang"General liu, I have told you that the Lord is not feeling well these days and cannot see you!" Outside the prefecture, several guards stopped liu

Will lay the central plains, after all, by contrast, although borders with jiangdong, jingzhou, at the same time, the two sides and three sides attack, but if lyu3 bu4 first take jingzhou, then to be at the risk of cao cao to cut off the posterior at any time, as for shu, although for milan cao cao is not how to value the eye, but shu of the terrain is too good, route for providing foodstuff, doomed lyu3 bu4 input forces to the offensive, and there are many pass along the way."Hum!" Liu zhang complexion ugly look at meng da: "that don't know meng da general prepare to dispose of me?""No, it is up to you to say these things yourself, and not too deliberately, to find a few families with loose mouths, and pretend to spread the news unintentionally when chatting." Fa is shaking his head.星际争霸2人族大讲堂"Who dares dare to dare! Zhang ren pulled out his sword angrily and turned to look at the crowd.

星际争霸2人族大讲堂"I will send someone to inform general wei yan to escort hanzhong grain and grass to meet the urgent need. General liu and general deng xian have extensive connections in the middle of shu. They can immediately send someone to each city to lobby and persuade them to surrender Pang tong laughed.< / p > < p > as lv meng shouted, around the jiangdong soldiers no longer surrounded to kill Chen, but began to Chen to the nearby ship capsize, once fell into the water, the head of the flood dragon on the ground may only become the phoenix fell into the water."No, no." Pang tong smiled and shook his head. As long as he was allowed, no one was willing to kill him.

"There was some conflict, just... "Deng xian smiled sadly."I had been flying pigeon book, for the tetrarch sent to come over to take over in hanzhong city, hanzhong, now britons can be sent to changan academy when he Taoist celestial, you prepared to transfer this time, after the handover, presumably LangZhong side have the news, if successful, immediately with six thousand elite into LangZhong, stable help me then." Pang tong nodded, rare positive color way."The Lord was also imprisoned in the imperial palace of ci shi, which was to be sent to luoyang, but was stopped by the people of those noble families and asked to dispose of the Lord. "Sir," said the steward, "do something."星际争霸2人族大讲堂




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