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曹雪莹|三角画架Like zhang he wanted to cross the river by original seibel to eight hundred lead business plugging in pu sakaguchi tianjin general, seibel now want to cross the river, how to cross a also became a problem, gao gan sent troops to the condition, to take over the ferry is occupied, although lead battalion from elite, but steps can be randome, once in the water, with zhang he original clay also makes no difference."Filial piety... "The direction of the account at look back a look handsome, shook his head silently, lyu3 bu4, since lyu3 bu4 devour bing, cao cao also bad, ranging from cao cao losses, since with lyu3 bu4 on foot soldiers, sheet is important, counselors, military commanders from the time of xuzhou into, cao hong, and then to changan Cao Peng, more lost freeze, after the battle of yecheng, successively have tsao chwun, xu chu, the xi to today's country, both sides of the triangle is one of the very deep, but for lyu3 bu4 MAO jie back, at or agree with.

"Go!" Lv bu's heart sank, needless to say, Chen was sure that something had happened, the distant roar is not what day thunder, like ten thousand horses galloping, at the moment also can not continue to entangle with yuan shang, with the magnificent sea and zhoucang rate army fled from the direction of yecheng, no matter what, first save your life.The starting point is different, sometimes the way to solve the problem is different, lu bu will have today, can be said to be forced out, when lu bu was in xuzhou, also wanted to attract the family, such as cao bao, Chen family."Just how to persuade princes to join hands?" Liu2 bei4 eyes a liang, inquiry way.曹雪莹|The indications are that cao cao with lombardi also played out before the two guys, unexpectedly magic hands against him, and encourage them to be associated with, I'm afraid or lyu3 bu4 picked up Montenegro thief, will be to stimulate the, two people if lyu3 bu4 again development bottom go to, so I'm afraid the next step, the overlord of the fall in lu bu head, that's the key to real prompted the two together.

曹雪莹|Zhang he stood up, will yuan shao's hand put back, turned his head to look aside the doctor, with him in addition to yuan shao's bedroom, zhang he frowning way: "what disease did the Lord make?"Pang tong smell speech can't help but stare big eyes, even if his daily also look over these books, but after all not as good as specific Chen palace, although know lyu3 bu4 on this side of business tax income, but also did not think of abnormal condition to this degree, a lot of money is lyu3 bu4 under unified currency, converted to purchasing power, billions of money, can be a ponzi-like home is such a big family to the hollowed out, pang tong, was born in a family, the family of a lot of things are all very understand, family although rich, but that was after accumulated generations or even dozens of generations, like lu bu one time tax can bury a family situation, almost afraid to even think about it.< / p > < p > guo yuan saw even failed to kill a shot a soldier, not from great anger, set foot on a step to attack again, suddenly feel the eyes of a dark, but it is another soldier in the camp even people with a shield hit him.

Gao shun a shield, dial block around the arrow, cold issued a command, as a general, in peacetime can share the joys and hardships with the soldiers, like brothers, but once on the battlefield, as a general, his first thing, is to win the battle, mercy not zhang bing, must not adulterate a bit of personal emotion in it."Good!""Under the command of the Lord, the night owl camp sneaked into Montenegro, searching for general guan's whereabouts, while recording the map of Montenegro, found the mountain surrounded by the bandits of Montenegro, arrested after questioning, only to know that the general was trapped here, especially to contact the general.曹雪莹|




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